Zoom Pro Tracker

Price $225.00.

The Zoom Pro Tracker features the longest battery life of any GPS device of its size, a built-in motion sensor allows the PRO to operate up to an entire month on a single charge. The ultra compact Zoom Pro Tracker is weather and water resistant. The Zoom Pro is incredibly accurate locating within 2.5m or less.

Zoom Tracker One

Price $215.00

The Zoom Tracker One is a compact, durable and highly sensitive GPS Tracking System providing fast and reliable tracking in the most extreme weather conditions. Optional battery pack and motion sensor allows for constant tracking on a single charge for up to 6 months.

Storage Cases


Weatherproof, waterproof and crushproof cases protect your tracker from any type of weather. Ultra strong magnets hold securely and give the perfect protection for your investment.

Zoom Offender Track

Price $499.00

The Zoom Offender Tracker exceeds the capabilities of any similar tracker on the market today. Law Enforcement, pre trial release programs and early release programs are assured of safety and security because of optical fiber instead of copper wiring


Price $210.00

The first tracking device with real time updates every 15 seconds. Tiny, accurate, discreet and reliable. Using cutting edge mapping from Google and Digital Mapping makes this unit one of the most accurate available.




and necessities

Batteries, chargers, hardwire options, motion sensors and antennas. All the accessories you need for your tracking system.